Ten years ago, no one would have predicted the astonishing speed at which businesses now expand to locations and markets across the globe.  Technology has erased logistical obstacles that just a few years ago would have seemed insurmountable.


But on the ground, there are other obstacles that technology can’t overcome.  Every country,

even different locations within countries, presents a different maze of regulations, service providers, cultural norms, economic issues, operational capacities, and business needs   – all of which affect your electronic security plan.  Successfully negotiating these challenges depends on being savvy about local conditions and knowing local capabilities and constraints.

When you need to deploy video, credentialing, access control, intrusion detection or monitoring systems overseas, we assist by leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of countrywide, regional and local conditions to assure the highest level of project confidence, from concept design to post--installation service. 


Once we work with you to establish your needs, goals and timeframes, we help you develop a system implementation and support strategy that keeps you compliant with regulations, helps you work around local limitations, and build on local advantages.  We help you forge partnerships with service providers and any other local representatives you may need ongoing relationships with.  We vet local service providers - their certifications, offerings and capabilities - to ensure they are qualified to and capable of performing needed tasks. 


And in addition to keeping you on the right side of foreign regulations, we keep you apprised of U.S. regulations governing overseas security operations such as laws governing transfer of goods, services and technologies.

Ed’s mastery of cultural diversity, foreign privacy laws and U.S. regulatory requirements kept our heads above deep water and enabled us to complete all projects in a timely manner at or under budget. You will not find a more dedicated professional leader in the security industry with a whatever-it-takes attitude.”

 - John DiCaprio - Managing Director, Head of Corporate Security, North America at BNP Paribas

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