What are the consequences to your organization if forensic security video is lost or not recorded?


Eliminate finger pointing between Security, IT and your Integrator.


Confirm VMS operation during commissioning, before they're gone.

Trust but VERIFY

Today's networked Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control Systems and IoT security technologies share one significant vulnerability;  they're not designed to protect themselves from the environment they live in.  Your IT department has amazing tools.  But those tools are not designed to interrogate and analyze the behavior of your electronic security systems.   

FACT:  There are at least 10 security and IT subsystems required to transmit, process and store video.

FACT:  Your VMS is not designed to detect failures of the relevant IT infrastructure.  

FACT:  The tools your IT department owns are not designed to diagnose and troubleshoot let alone analyze your security system behavior.  

FACT: Combined, neither are capable of documenting regulatory performance trends and predicting potential failures.  


CALL US TODAY and we'll demonstrate a single solution that will constantly and consistently:

  • VERIFY the operation of your entire VMS and security infrastructure by autonomously polling and analyzing the behavior of each critical component and process.  

  • DETECT failed components and tell you how to fix it, regardless if it's VMS or Network related.

  • REDUCE annual service expenses up to 40%, or more.

  • EXPEDITE system repairs and increase system uptime. 

  • ELIMINATE the risk of missing video.

  • AUTO-DEPLOY firmware updates in cameras.

  • AUTOMATE PCI-DSS documentation for compliance reporting.

  • ALERT you to cyber vulnerabilities relating to default passwords.

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