You are cordially invited to join more than 700 other Security Directors and participate in Security Cloud & Mobile Partners’ Quality of Service (QoS) Satisfaction Surveys.  We will be publishing short surveys focusing on security systems integrators, end-users and manufacturers.  The surveys are intended to baseline key metrics, industry perceptions and expectations associated with service programs and technology platforms.  Integrators, technicians, end-users and manufacturers are all welcome to participate in their respective surveys.  Please click the orange bar below for your personal invitation.  ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE THE EXECUTIVE FINDINGS REPORT AND BE INVITED TO THE WEBINAR WHERE WE WILL SHARE RESULTS.

Below are 8 of the highest ranked problems that customers have with servicing technology platforms from past surveys.  

  • I need to lower my service and support costs.

  • My systems do not alert me to service related issues.

  • I must cycle through all my cameras daily to see that they are online and streaming video.  But I still don't know if they are recording.

  • I need multiple apps to simply diagnose and triage service issues before calling anyone.  

  • I don't know if my cameras are vulnerable to cyber attacks because I am not sure if the default passwords were ever changed. 

  • I don't like getting invoiced by my integrator when the problems are caused by my network.

  • Problem resolution times are way too long, leaving my enterprise at risk. 

  • My as-built network diagrams are deficient and do not accurately identify all security assets and their network connections. 

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