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Everything fails at some point, even cameras, disk drives, servers, switches and network interface cards. Video Management Systems are sophisticated but fail to adequately alert end-users of network and camera behaviors that have failed or are trending towards failure.  And undetected service needs can have a catastrophic impact on your organization.  


To mitigate these risks, security staffs cycle through their cameras on a daily basis just to make sure they can say the camera was on at that time.  But does this really mitigate the risk or simply provide a false sense of security?  Does it provide assurance that your system will be transmitting video and recording that video in a manner that is retrievable when you need it the most?  It does not.  Whether your security systems are mission-critical or a business-critical to your organization, service automation and analytics could not have come at a better time.   

Never before has there been a single application with the ability to autonomously monitor the disparate technologies made up of security cameras, sensors, access control panels, IoT devices, VMS software and network components.  We can now fully detect and diagnose the failure, the cause of the failure and provide a recommended fix, even before picking up the phone to call your service provider.  




















We've cut diagnostic and trouble shooting times and costs by half.  And these are costs that typically represent nearly 80% of any given service call.  We've expedited Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and thus decreased systems downtime while increasing system uptime.   And, we can finally eliminate manual exercises of cycling through 100 - 4,000 cameras at every shift change.  Imagine what that costs an organization.  

So we thank you for your patience.  And we thank you for allowing Security Cloud & Mobile Partners to be one of the industry's first practitioners and providers of these remarkable, risk mitigating, time and money saving inventions.

Managed Fault Detection™ 


Our Managed Fault Detection™ solution is powered by patented SaaS-based technology that automates the detection of networked video, access control and IoT device failures and alerts users with the nature of the failure, root cause analysis and the recommended corrective action to repair the fault.  This application can reduce service expenses significantly and dramatically increase the uptime of systems while also detecting any threats to recorded video.  The application is also a critical component in validating regulatory compliance and reporting of system performance.

Ask yourself:

  • How many hours a year do you spend cycling through your cameras just to confirm they are working?

  • How much does this cost you?  And WHY are you doing it?

  • When video fails, how long does it take to diagnose and troubleshoot the failure? 

  • Have you ever been alerted that your VMS storage server is no longer recording video?

  • How much would you save by reducing your annual service expenditures by 40%?


Situational Assurance™ 

​Our Situational Assurance™ solution  provides both cyber vulnerability awareness and regulatory compliance support.  As a result of the Mirai and Persirai botnet attacks we now know that IP cameras and VMS' have become the new favorite attack surface and are vulnerable to being hijacked by malware.  Simply knowing whether your passwords have been changed may save your organization from exposure and even liability.  In addition, you can now automate the validation necessary to affirm your video systems uptime and demonstrate you've achieved your storage retention goals.  Compliance made easier!

  • How many of your cameras still have the default password unchanged?  

  • How do you know if passwords have been changed?

  • How do you PROVE your VMS's performance for regulatory compliance audits?

  • Can you quickly and efficiently PROVE video retention and service history?

Cyber vulnerabilities infecting your VMS and your Cameras are no longer an emerging threat, they're here today!

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